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If go to a movie and don’t get on the ride, you you aren't going to enjoy the journey. So we help you figure out if you're likely to get on the ride. We leave it to others to compare the movie to earlier films. We don’t analyze the literary references or compare the film to the book. We simply focus on the elements the filmmaker uses to invite you to get you on the ride.

Popcorn Previews are about YOUR taste… not ours.

By highlighting just the main ingredients, we leave it to you to decide if the film matches your taste or mood. While it’s fun to analyze a film afterward, the mission of Popcorn Diary is to tell you about the things you want to know before you choose a movie.

Popcorn Profiles help you narrow your search

Using 9 criteria, Popcorn Profiles help you quickly find films that match your taste. You can even use the search bar to get a list of films you want to read more about.
Go to Popcorn Profiles to get a complete list of profile search words.

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Big Eyes


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