About Popcorn Classics

A Popcorn Classic is a movie I enjoy watching more than once. When I watch a movie more than once, I’m no longer watching to find out what happens… I'm watching how it happens. If it's not special, it won't stand up to the how test. The list of movies I consider classics is definitely a work in progress. As I write this, I have a long list of movies I know will be added... when I can get to them. There are others that have just slipped my mind for now. And many I haven’t even seen yet.

Since my taste in movies is broad, there are undoubtedly movies on the list that look strange together. My movie picks aren’t chosen for their subject matter or their genre. Most are chosen because they’re well done… for what they are. And for me, at least, there’s something special about them. It’s not that uncommon for good movies to go under the radar. So whenever I can, I enjoy highlighting underdogs... movies that deserve more attention.

Movies today are no longer plays on film. They're an art form in their own right… as they should be. I feel we are very much in the golden age of movies. That's why I include so many relatively recent movies in Popcorn Classics. We're in an era when all the creative arts are employed in the development of a good movie... and there's still a lot of creative territory waiting to be explored.




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