NEW… by popular demand…
a popcorn rating system

How many times have I sent out movie write ups only to get calls or emails asking, “What did you think of the movie?” There are other people who make a game out of trying to figure out if I really liked the movie. One new reader put it this way, “You need stars.” So the Popcorn Diary rating system is finally here… popped and unpopped kernels.

Don’t let my popped-kernel ratings discourage you from seeing a movie you think you’d enjoy. As always, the “preview” is intended to help you figure out how many kernels… popped and unpopped… you might give it.

popcorn rating

Here's what the ratings mean:

4 popped kernels = extraordinary

3 popped kernels = excellent

2 popped kernels = good

1 popped kernel = fair

0 popped kernels = poor


3 popped kernels

An excellent idea... what took so long!







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